Take a close look at our products, examine them carefully, review the scientific evidence behind them and reach informed decisions. We are confident that you will observe the scientific rigor we applied in their development and how their dynamic, interactive web-based delivery will enhance your practice.

The Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System 2 (BIMAS-2™)

is a measure of social, emotional and behavioral functioning in children and adolescents.  The BIMAS can be used as a screening tool for behavior concerns and offers a mechanism to build behavior support  plans and monitor the effectiveness of interventions....


The RCI is a family of reading comprehension tools that evaluate a person’s reading comprehension skills relevant to the content/vocabulary required in major personality inventories. The RCI uses a criterion-referenced approach. A client’s performance is not compared to that of a comparison group but rather it provides an estimate of a person’s ability to understand what is being asked from her/him to respond to through the various questions in personality inventories .....


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